For business owners lacking structure, this $399 video course will help you get clear on the vision of your business to set you up for success.

The Power Scale Series is an online course designed to help you identify your business mission, purpose and values.


The course is divided into three lessons with exercises to help you put your learnings into practise as you follow along.

Give meaning and impact to your business by creating a strong mission, purpose and values that will inspire you and your team, and will help you guide them in the right direction as your business scales over time.

Why is this relevant for my business?

Having a mission, purpose and values that resonate with your business will help you:


What you’ll learn during the Power Scale Series:

 Module 1: Powe of Purpose

When it comes to the strategic directions of your organisation, you need to be very clear on your purpose. It’s a fundamental guideline.
Kerwin walks you through the steps that will help you create and formulate your business’s purpose and its guiding principles. 

  Bonus Q&A with the K2 community

 Module 2: Mission to Mars

In this workshop, we’re gonna dive deep into the commercialisation nature of your purpose, your business’s mission.

Kerwin walks you through steps to define your mission: what it is that you wanna do, and the numbers associated with it.

  Bonus Q&A with the K2 community

 Module 3: Value of Value

In this module, we will worship your company’s values.
We’re gonna take a look at your company’s value from not just an aspirational perspective, but from the things, you genuinely care about and live by.
These values are very critical as we look at them as motives for your mission and purpose.

This workshop takes a step by step approach to help you create 10 value statements for your organisation

 Bonus Q&A with the K2 community 

What’s included in this course?

  1:30 minutes of video learning material

 3 PDF templates

  Homework after each lesson


About your instructor

As one of Australia’s top leading business strategists helping business owners succeed for over a decade, Kerwin has consulted in 11 countries over 154 different industries and taught over 100,000 people all over the world through his seminars and workshops. To date, Kerwin has helped his clients make well in excess of hundreds of millions of dollars.

He specialises in educating and training owners to identify, plan and manage their marketing, sales and strategic planning in order to grow businesses fast. Kerwin provides the tools, strategies and tactics to accelerate growth and overcome any obstacles owners encounter on the journey as an entrepreneur.

The Power Scale Series

By Kerwin Rae, Founder and CEO of Business Mastery International and Kerwin Rae enterprises


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The Power Scale Series

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