For Business Owners Who Are Not Quite Making $500K Per Year…

And Want To Know How To Quickly (and almost effortlessly) Scale To $500k and Beyond – FAST!

For Business Owners Who Are Not Quite Making $500K Per Year…

And Want To Know How To Quickly (and almost effortlessly) Scale To $500k and Beyond – FAST!

Introducing: The Power Scale Series – The Fast-Track Program for achieving even your most audacious business goals…

Getting The Structure, Strategy, Principles, and The Power Growth Strategies ALL 7-Figure Companies Use To Catapult Their Growth!

Dear Fellow Business Owner…

Thank you for applying to work with me to grow your business to multiple seven figures a year…

But as you discovered, your business just isn’t where it needs to be right now to take full advantage…

And get the maximum benefit out of my high-level training.

But just because you don’t meet the yearly revenue criteria yet that all my private clients must meet…

Doesn’t mean you should miss out entirely!

My Power Scale Series is the ULTIMATE program for anyone who wants to take their company’s growth and revenues to the next higher level.

I’m talking about going from low six figures to seven figures and even beyond – in the shortest amount of time possible. For example…

"We could never crack $1M turnover in 27 years of business. In 1 year we have not only cracked that but we doubled it" - Tereza Mansinger

"We had a net profit of basically Zero or breakeven without taking a wage and now we are profiting over $1.6M a year on the bottom line" - Jeb & Cassie Grose

"As a startup I was doing everything, now within 1 year we’ve got a team of 7 and sold over $7M worth of products. I just don’t think we would have been able to navigate that without the foundations" - Matthew Guscot

As you can see, my Power Scale Series has helped everyone from start-ups to established businesses go from zero to over 7 figures.

What made the difference? What caused the rapid shift in growth and income for these companies that they were missing before?


Getting The Structure, Strategy, Principles, and The Power Growth Strategies ALL 7-Figure Companies Use To Catapult Their Growth!


These are the bedrock of what makes ANY company grow with speed, certainty, and predictability in ANY market!

Look, it’s not rocket science. But it takes focus and working on the RIGHT steps, the right strategies, the right principles… along with having a powerful company structure and culture… to grow your business in today’s tough business climate.

I speak to a LOT of business owners just like you. They want growth, they want success, they’re focused, and they’re some of the hardest-working people I know.

But unfortunately, there are a number of constraints that prevent me from working with everyone I speak to.

Over the past year or two, I’ve spoken to many business owners who just didn’t fit my minimum $500K annual revenue criteria.

Many of whom asked me if there was anything else I could offer them – a training program that could help them break into that $500K bracket in order to work closer with me for even greater growth.

That’s why I created The Power Scale Series.


Create A Powerful New Structure For Rapid Growth In Your Business In Just 4 Hours!


I looked at all my business principles and stripped them down to their bare components with one question in my mind…

“If I had to start my business from scratch, with no reputation and just my marketing skills, what would I do to create a solid business that was set up for massive growth?”

That’s what you get in The Power Scale Series – it’s the closest thing you can get to working with me one-on-one to help grow your business.

Through each step of the program, you’ll work ON your business to set the foundation for greater growth, more effective strategies, the ability to scale your business regardless of environment, and the ability to bring certainty and predictability to your business!

And the best part?


You can achieve all this – a powerful new strategy for business success in just 4 short hours!

You can achieve all this – a powerful new strategy for business success in just 4 short hours!

Just follow my lead, fill in the details as we walk through each of the modules, and when you emerge at the other end, you’ll have…

  • A new, overarching strategy for business growth…
  • A plan for achieving this new growth – created in minute detail – and easy to follow and implement…
  • Answers on how to stand head and shoulders above everyone else in your market – and have customers (and potential customers) view you as the “only logical choice” to buy from!
  • A strong, unified, focused vision for what your business goals are in the months and years ahead… and how to achieve each goal, step-by-step!
  • A roadmap for achieving your most audacious financial goals in the shortest time possible!
  • The biggest killers of business today – and how to avoid the common traps that stunt most business growth!



And so much more… all delivered in a powerful, three-module program that is truly a hands-on experience…

Meaning, you won’t just see me TALKING about the principles for growing and scaling your business…

You’ll be taken through a detailed workshop for each of the Power Scale strategies I reveal, and create your plan step-by-step, module-by-module!

"I found this really helpful to work out exactly what I am going to achieve and know what I need to do to achieve this" - Kim Phillips

"For my business and my life, I now know why I exist and have the skills and confidence to guarantee my mission's success" - Jeremy Biggs

"I had no direction into where to take the business. Straight away, I was like I already know what I’m going to do and we saw immediate changes within the business" - James Coulson

Here’s What You’ll Find In The Power Scale Series…

Module 1: The Power Of Purpose!

This is the fundamental pillar of the entire program. Discovering what your true business purpose is and creating a unified company and business culture around your true purpose is the SINGLE BIGGEST KEY to massive and rapid business growth and success.

With a powerful established purpose, it suddenly gives your company the direction it needs. Unifying you, your team, your motivations, your success… and your competitive edge to create a powerful edge that catapults you to success.

Imagine you had a detailed plan to grow your business over the next 100 years!

Well, in this module, The Power of Purpose, that’s exactly what you’ll create!

Module 2: Mission To Mars!

In module 1, you’ll finally drill down to the foundational principles for long-term business growth. This is the WHAT.

In this next module, you’ll discover the HOW

How, specifically, you can take your business from where it is now to where you want to go, with detailed action plans and steps you need to take to turn your biggest business goals into reality!

Over the years, I’ve seen tons of business owners with detailed, powerful plans that just never worked for them. The reason? They didn’t create a clear, defined set of steps in order to carry the goals out in their grand business plans.

That’s why this second module is so effective. It walks you through the exact processes you need to nail down these steps you need to take to finally start hitting those lofty business and financial goals.

Module 3: The Value of Values!

Without values you have NOTHING! It’s amazing how many businesses have zero defined values. They operate on a willy-nilly basis and for the vast majority of time, they just ‘wing’ it!

Without clearly defined values that run through the very fabric and DNA of your company, you have NOTHING. Values are your standards, your culture, what’s acceptable, what’s unacceptable, how you and everyone on your team must perform, and more.

It’s how you guarantee consistent high performance in your company. It’s how you and everyone in your company views your business mission and goals. Values drive everything.

Now, in module 3, you’ll do a deep-dive inventory of your business values – how they are driving your company and team performance, how they’re helping or hurting your current and future growth, and how to create a powerful value-driven environment designed to sweep your company onto the success you desire!

Workshops + Q&As Accompany Each Module.

 Each module is totally hands-on. In the first part of each module, I discuss the main principles and strategy for that module.

Then, we’re going to put it into action… where you see a clearly defined plan emerging right in front of you as you progress through the modules.

You can literally just take what you discovered in each module, take the steps you created in the workshop section, and install those principles into your business that very same day!

THAT’S how you quickly organise your company for rapid growth. THAT’S how quickly these strategies can be implemented. THAT’S how you scale your company in as short a time as possible.

THAT’S how you achieve your goals of business success and a 7-figure income and beyond!

Even better, I invited a team of business owners to go through The Power Scale Series and come up with any questions or potential problems they may have with the program.

And we captured it all on video to help you troubleshoot anything you may come across in the program.

I don’t want you to walk away with any niggling questions or thoughts. That’s why we did these deep-dive Q&A sessions for each module and each strategy I talk about.

The Only Way I Could Make This Easier Would Be To Do It All For You Myself!

That’s how super-simple I’ve made it for you. Ultimately, my whole goal for The Power Scale Series was to help those business owners who just missed the criteria to get into my exclusive business accelerator program.

The Power Scale Series is the program I designed To FINALLY help you break through that $500K barrier and even break through the 7-figure barrier.

Scale Your Business to $500k & Beyond – FAST!

The Power Scale Series

3 Part Video Series by Kerwin Rae