The Accelerator

Terms & Conditions


In this document, unless the context otherwise requires, the following words have the following meaning:

Business Mastery means Business Mastery Pty Ltd (ABN 71 099 095 128) and its Associated Entities as that term is defined in the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth)
Event  means The Accelerator August 2022 held by Business Mastery on the Event Dates.
Event Dates means the dates and times specified in your ticket and/or email purchase confirmation.
Fee means the amount you paid to attend the Event.
You or Your means the purchaser and/or the person named on the order confirmation and/or ticket to the Event jointly and severally.

Prices are in Australian Dollars and exclusive of GST

  • All published tickets prices and other fees are in Australian Dollars (AUD) and exclusive of GST.  If GST is payable on any supply under this contract then: 
    • you must pay the GST; and 
    • Business Mastery will provide you with a tax invoice. 

You are responsible for any international transaction charges and foreign currency exchange costs associated with any purchase from Business Mastery.

The Event

  • Business Mastery will host the Event on the Event Dates.  The Event is a digital broadcast event that will be broadcast over the internet.  
  • All published Event times are in Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST), save that in the period between the first Sunday in October and the first Sunday in April times are in Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT).
  • Business Mastery may use third party platforms or services to enable it to broadcast the event.  You may be required to have established accounts with the third party platforms to view the Event.  Unless disclosed prior to your purchase there is no charge to establish these accounts.  
  • Please review your email purchase confirmation for information on the accounts with third party platforms that are required to view the Event.
  • At any time prior to any of the Event Dates Business Mastery may by email or other electronic communication require you to have established an accounts with additional third party platforms to view the Event.
  • Some or all of the Event content may be pre-recorded.  

High Speed Internet Connection

  • The Event requires a high speed internet connection.  If your connection speed is less than 10 mbps then your experience may not be optimal.
  • Business Mastery is not responsible for the effects of a slow, interrupted or faulty:
    • internet connection; or 
    • your computing software or hardware.

No Refunds & Transferring your Ticket to Another Person 

  • If you do not attend the Event on the Event Dates or any of them then you will not be entitled to a refund, any relief from a payment plan or to attend the Event at a later date.
  • You may transfer your ticket to another person by providing Business Mastery written notice at least 5 business days prior to Event Date, including the name, address and contact details for the new ticket holder.

Event Rescheduling

  • Business Mastery may, in its sole and absolute discretion reschedule the Event, this includes but is not limited to changing:
    • the times of the Event on the Event Dates;
    • the duration of the Event on the Event Dates;
    • the order and/or time allocated to particular content and/or speakers;
    • the amount of pre-recorded content used during the Event;
    • the speakers;
    • the content; and/or
    • the Event Dates.
  • If Business Mastery reschedules the Event Dates then it must give you notice by email or other electronic communication. 
  • You are not entitled to make a claim for a refund, compensation or reimbursement of any additional expenses arising from rescheduling the Event.
  • In the event that a pandemic, epidemic, act of war, natural disaster, government directive, change in law and/or any other fact, matter or circumstance beyond the reasonable control of Business Mastery means that the Event cannot proceed on the Event Dates then Business Mastery may:
    • reschedule the Event, including but not limited to changing the items set out in 6.1 above; and/or
    • transfer your ticket(s) so that you may attend the Event on alternate Event Dates;
    • alter the form of the Event so that it can proceed;
    • postpone the Event for an unspecified time of no more than 6 months to enable it to determine which of 6.4.1, 6.4.2 and/or 6.4.3 above it will undertake in order to complete its obligations under this Contract.
  • The Purchaser is not entitled to make a claim for a refund, compensation or reimbursement of any additional expenses arising from any act or decision of Business Mastery under clause 6.4 above.

Event Cancellation 

  • Business Mastery may in its sole and absolute discretion cancel the Event at any time by providing the purchaser or attendees notice in writing.
  • If the Event is cancelled Business Mastery will refund the Fee you have paid. You are not entitled to any refund, compensation or reimbursement of any additional expenses incurred or arising from the cancellation of the Event

Money Back Guarantee

  • This clause 8 does not apply if there is no Fee. The Event is free to attend and/or free for you to attend.
  • A money back guarantee is available to Event attendees that have:
    • purchased their tickets to the Event directly from Business Mastery, and
    • attended the entire Event (if an attendee misses one of the Event sessions or does not attend each session for the entire duration then they are not entitled to the money back guarantee). 
  • If within 6 weeks of attending the Event you have attempted to execute on the information from the Event but have not increased your sales from social media by 200% then Business Mastery will refund the Fee in full, subject to 8.3 and 8.4 below.
  • A money back guarantee request can only be made by emailing 
    • within 8 weeks of the last Event Date;
    • detailing the steps taken to execute on the information from the Event; and
    • detailing and comparing the sales you generated from social media:
      • in the 12 months prior to the Event, and 
      • in the 6 weeks since the Event.
  • If you comply with clause 8.3 and:
    • you have taken genuine steps to execute on the information from the Event, 
    • you attended the entire Event, and
    • have not grown your annualised sales generated from social media by 200%,

then Business Mastery will refund the Fee in full within 14 days.


  • You acknowledge and agree that the Event may be recorded and that Business Mastery shall own any and all recordings in any format and may in its sole and absolute discretion use any recordings for promotional and marketing purposes. 
  • You irrevocably authorise Business Mastery to use their voice, materials, name, likeness, comments and questions for promotional and marketing purposes and materials in print, online and/or any other format.

No Re-transmission or Unpaid Attendance of Others

  • You will not: 
  • record, reproduce or re-transmit the Event or any part of it;
  • enable other persons who have not paid to attend the Event to view the Event;
  • use the name and likeness of Kerwin Rae, any Business Mastery staff or any other attendees for any purpose.

Financial Disclaimer

All information provided to the purchaser or the attendees or that they have access to, as part of the Event is general information only and has been prepared without considering an individual’s objectives, obligations, or financial situation.  Business Mastery does not provide financial, taxation, legal or accounting advice. The Purchaser and Attendees are obligated to consider their personal and business objectives, financial situation and other personal or business needs or obligations, before taking or refraining from taking any steps based on information or suggestions provided throughout the Event. 

Right to Refuse Service 

Business Mastery retains the sole and absolute discretion to refuse service and/or entry to the Event, to a person or persons it reasonably believes may be engaging in illegal behaviour or conducting themselves in a way which would potentially bring Business Mastery, its employees, contractors, and/or clients into disrepute, or would unreasonably impact the fair and equitable operation of Business Mastery business practices. 


To the fullest extent permitted by law but subject to the Australian Consumer Law, Business Mastery disclaims and excludes any and all guarantees, undertakings and warranties, representations expressed or implied, and shall not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever (including human or computer error, negligent or otherwise, by one or more of the authorities, or incidental or consequential loss or damage) arising out of or in connection with any use or reliance on the information or advice provided at the Event, or in any other forum. 

Third Party Providers

As part of the Event, Business Mastery may utilise the services of third parties to provide content and information. Business Mastery takes no responsibility and is not liable for the services, nor guarantees the performance of any product or service provided by third parties. You are under no obligation to use the goods or services of third parties and should always compare services/products while considering the individual’s personal/business objectives, obligations, and financial situation.

    Private Group on Facebook and other platforms

    • Business Mastery may provide you with access to the Accelerator Private Facebook Group and/or other private groups on other platforms (the Group).  You may be required to join the Group in order to view the Event. 
    • To protect the community of the Group and to ensure all members can be supported, you agree that you will not establish, join or contribute to any other Facebook group or other discussion forum which deals with, refers to or involves Kerwin Rae event or program attendees or former or current Business Mastery employees, contractors or consultants, unless that group or forum is pre-approved or pre-endorsed in writing by Business Mastery. Participation in any such Facebook group or discussion forum is a material breach of the Agreement and Business Mastery reserves the right to terminate the Agreement, and/or cease any of its obligations to you, immediately in such circumstances.
    • Business Mastery may at its sole and absolute discretion remove any member or members from the Group for behaviour deemed culturally disruptive to the Group, including but not limited to direct marketing posts, spam content, requests for members of the Group to ‘like’ their private Facebook groups or pages, abusive or otherwise inappropriate posts or content.
    • You agree you will not have any claim or right to compensation from Business Mastery related to the Group and that Business Mastery will not be liable for the activities of the Group and/or its participants, including but not limited to:


      • any products or services provided or sold, or other transactions, between Group members;
      • technical issues related to the administration of the Group or otherwise; 
      • your removal from, your inability to access or the closure of, the Group, under 15.3 above; or
      • any inability to, or decision not to, provide live Group updates during the Event.  

    Governing Law

    This document is governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of New South Wales, Australia.