Learn My Social Media Marketing Strategy

To Create A Lead Generation &

Sales Machine For Your Business

… and layer Artificial Intelligence on top to do 90% less planning, creating, and posting.



That record will be broken now AI is involved.

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At Scale with AI Summit I gave you a piece …

The Accelerator gives you the entire puzzle, and it helps you put it together too.
At the end of 5 days you’re going to have my complete toolkit to be an authority online and have a social media marketing system so you can layer tools like ChatGPT, MidJourney, OpusClip and more on top of it.


    The Accelerator is 5 Days, 1 Hour per day, virtual event with practical execution where I teach you how to:

    Accelerate the attention you get by understanding the right kind of content to create, how to create it, and how to distribute it.

    Accelerate your leads and learn how to monetise your following organically and using Facebook Advertising.

    Accelerate your audience size by knowing the right video content framework that turns attention into a highly-engaged, highly-connected following.

    Accelerate your sales using my ethical power selling strategy that gets your customers closing themselves.

    … and layer artificial intelligence tools on top to accelerate them all even more.

    Get yourself a piece of the $207.1B social media marketing revenue pie.

    Plan a few months worth of content, create it, and schedule it in a matter of days.

    Shoot one long form video and have 10+ pieces of content ready to be posted inside an hour.

    The Accelerator

    is for 6-figure business owners who:

    • Want to scale their social media marketing but struggle when it comes to knowing how and what content to create
    • Have an engaged audience but don’t know how to monetise it yet
    • Don’t yet understand how to use AI to fast track content planning, creation, and posting (… as in getting a few months worth of it ALL done in a week)
    • Look at the potential of Facebook Ads and want to be able to generate ready-to-buy leads on demand


    Hear what our graduates had to say about the event!
    The beautiful thing about the accelerator is that you go in expecting to learn one thing and you learn 50 other things, which actually build on the lessons you learn. the stuff Kerwin teaches you is aimed at getting results”

    Joshua Hooson, Bonsai-En

    The Accelerator is a virtual event video course teaching 6- and 7-figure business owners my strategy for social media marketing success.

    The program is broken into five one-hour modules delivered daily at 9:30 AM (AEST) in the specially curated Accelerator Facebook Group where attendees will have access to the recording for continued learning. 

    On Day 5, you will have the option of attending a LIVE morning or afternoon session via Zoom

    THE ACCELERATOR Event Schedule:

    Day 1 LIVE in the Facebook Group – Monday 11 September 9:30am to 10:30am (AEST/Sydney time)

    Day 2 LIVE in the Facebook Group – Tuesday 12 September 9:30am to 10:30am (AEST/Sydney time)

    Day 3 LIVE in the Facebook Group – Wednesday 13 September 9:30am to 10:30am (AEST/Sydney time)

    Day 4 LIVE in the Facebook Group – Thursday 14 September 9:30am to 10:30am (AEST/Sydney time)

    Day 5 LIVE in a special Zoom Meeting – two times to pick from – Friday 15 September, 10:00am to 11:00am OR 2:00pm to 3:00pm (AEST/Sydney time)

    11-15 September 2013