Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When are the next Nail It & Scale It Events?

A. The next dates for our Nail It & Scale It event are announced on our NISI page:

Spots are still available. You can book your tickets directly through our online shop, or register your interest and our team will be in touch with you to arrange your tickets.

Q. Is this event for me?

A. Depends on your situation. Yes IF you are either:

  • An existing small to medium size business owner looking to grow revenues and profits quickly whilst learning HOW to work less (not a sales spiel, this is what we specialise in).
  • A successful business making great money but maybe working too hard, too much and you want to grow the business without sacrificing your life.
  • A start-up business that is looking to scale quickly and generate revenues to cover all of your overheads and also be able to create profit so you can pay yourself a wage.
  • A business owner who is sick to death of lofty promises from shady business coaches and slick speakers and are looking for tangible and practical content that you can apply instantly.
  • A business owner who is working 50+ hrs a week for very little return and you are looking for a way to make more whilst doing less.
  • A motivated individual with an IDEA for a business but NO idea on how to execute it to create your dream business.
  • A business owner that is having staffing issues when it comes to recruitment or team members not performing at a high level. We create Fast Growth through creating High Performance Cultures.

Q. Should I bring my business partner or life partner?

A. Teams that grow together stay together. If you have a business partner or other team members involved in growing your business then bringing them is a MUST. Bringing a significant other helps them get a better understanding about the journey you are on and the support that is sometimes needed. This has the power to transform personal relationships.

Q. What does Kerwin know about my industry or business?

A. Kerwin has consulted to 154 different industries in 11 countries around the world and has learned that although many businesses appear different at a surface level in fact ALL businesses have very similar requirements to scale fast. A few similarities just to name a few:

  • More clients for less spend on advertising
  • More sales from the leads they get ideally in a shorter time frame
  • More money spent at every transaction
  • More clients coming back spending more money, more often
  • More clients referring people who most likely want or need to buy their services

Q. What time does the event start and finish?

A. Registration, start and finish times will all be within your Nail It & Scale It welcome letter. Any questions around not receiving your welcome letter then please email or call 1300 537 946 with your query and details and we will get in touch with you.

Q. I have paid for the event but I didn’t get a confirmation email?

A. Some email applications will block our email or send our email to your spam or junk folders. Do a search in your inbox, spam and junk for any emails from “”. If you still can’t find it, email and the team will send you a copy.

Q. I received two invoices, was I charged twice?

A. Our system will invoice you once if you have paid in full. If you are on a payment plan you will receive an invoice each time a new payment comes out based on your payment plan that has been set up.

Q. What currency is the ticket price?

A. The ticket prices are in Australian Dollars (AUD). Your bank may charge you a conversion fee in addition to the purchase price.

Q. Will I be able to watch a recording of the event afterwards?

A. Yes, if you attend a NISI event (virtually or live) you will then have access to our members area, which includes recordings of the most recent and previous NISI events.

Q. Will I be recorded at all during the event?

A. Yes, quite possibly. It is a condition of entry that you agree that (1) you may be recorded audio-visually and/or in writing, and (2) the recording in any format may be used by Business Mastery including for promotional and marketing purposes. You irrevocably authorise Business Mastery to use your voice, materials, name or likeness for their purposes and in future promotional materials, print, online and/or in any other format. Please refer to your contractual terms and conditions.

Q. What platform will the Livestream be on?

A. The event is live streamed on Zoom via a secure Zoom meeting link

Q. What if I have poor internet connection?

A. The Livestream Event requires a high-speed internet connection. If your connection speed is less than 10mbps download speed then your experience may not be optimal. Business Mastery (Kerwin Rae) is not responsible for the effects of a slow, interrupted or faulty internet connection.

Q. Will there be WIFI available at live events?

A. Free WIFI will be available at the venue, however, it can drop out from time to time and we recommend having a backup source or hotspot.

Q. Will there be wheelchair access at the live events?

A. Wheelchair access will be provided by the venue. Please email and let us know prior to the event so the team can ensure there is room in the seating area for the wheelchair.

Q. How should I prepare?

A. By emptying your mind of everything you have been taught or told and be open to new ideas that may rattle your beliefs around what is required to build a business fast at the same time working less. You can get a headstart by watching some of The Social Experiment videos.

Q. What should I bring to a live event?

A. Bring a SMILE, a pen, notepad, water bottle and warm layers as the room temperature will fluctuate and at times can be cold. If you bring a laptop there will be a charging station at the side of the room.

Q. How should I prepare for the AI Workshops?

A. Before you attend the event, please create a free account in ChatGPT – follow these instructions: Please bring your laptop as well as your own mobile internet wireless access via dongle or phone tethering to access the internet during the event.

Q. Can I cancel my attendance or get a refund?

A. We are not offering refunds at this time. If you have any questions, please contact our team at for more information.

Q. What if I can’t make these dates or locations, or the event I want to attend is ‘sold-out’? What are my options?

A. You can transfer from your current event to another one of our future Nail It & Scale It events within our calendar. This will incur a transfer fee (please see our terms and conditions of your contract). Please email or call 1300 537 946 with your query and details and we will get in touch with you.

Q. I have a question regarding my payment plan

A. Please contact our team at

Q. I have another question

A. Please contact our team at