You have secured your spot at Nail It & Scale It 

Virtual 27 Feb – 1 March 2022

Add the event to your calendar now and protect your time to train

Registering is the easy bit, true success lies in your ability to show up and do the work

You have been to Nail It & Scale It before so I don’t have to tell you how jam-packed the 3 days are with content and how life-changing this event can be when you follow through on your commitment.

You may also remember me saying there’s no value in free and the reason is because statistically for free events about 70% of people who register don’t show up and 30% do.

I’m only offering you this event at no charge because you have already shown me that you have what it takes to honour your commitments and do the work that’s required for success.

So I have one question before I give this away free to you – are you ready to live up to your word and be in that 30%?  

Chances are you already know the answer and I’m cool either way but are you ok with it?  

Let me help you regardless of what you answered – let’s do the work!