The 6 Step Scaling System that Helped Me Grow my Company From Six to Eight Figures in Less Than 10 Years.

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  • How to leverage resources you already have to squeeze more revenue and profit out of your market

  • How to think at a higher level and plan for growth like Inc. 500 CEOs do

  • How to establish a clear purpose, a well-defined mission, and smart goals that will help you scale at a faster pace with no confusion

  • 3 scaling techniques that helped me save over $500K.

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“I had a business that was on the verge of going under, in spite of six years of hard work… I was shattered and burdened with responsibility, fear, feeling trapped and overwhelming anxiety. Kerwin has changed everything. I learnt to be a business owner and lead from the front. I learned to plan, implement and find a depth of character, grit and determination I never imagined I had. I turned that business around, started another one and I’ve created time, freedom and more joy and love of life than I ever thought possible” – Julie Fletcher

“The awareness and confidence in myself and my business have been exponential. This is by far one of the best experiences of my life. I have grown my business from 5 to 8 team members 2x’d my profit and delivered a service beyond what I could have ever dreamed of. I now know what’s possible and have set my goals so high, I can’t wait to see where the next few years take me. I have also started a public speaking journey which I am exploring with curiosity and an open, passionate heart” – James Coulson

“It was a small investment for great ROI. We’ve really learnt how to systemise and grow at scale. Learning how to communicate and work together has been an amazing attribute to our business and our marriage.

That has been the biggest win for us, we would have been struggling with business and marriage or out of both had we not joined this community” –Josh & Mailese Davis