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 Upcoming event dates


Live in Sydney or Virtual
- 17-19 JULY 2023
- 30 OCT - 1 NOV 2023


Online events


Scale with AI Summit

Leverage the power of AI to increase efficiency, make better decisions, reduce costs, and discover new opportunities for growth. I’ll take you through the AI mindset, tools, and tactics you need to future-proof your business and stay ahead of the innovation game.


Fast Growth Summit

At Fast Growth Summit, I’ll be showing you my exact step-by-step blueprint for sky-rocketing your sales with social media. I’ll be going through how you develop a content strategy for each platform to how you will use ads on your digital channels to increase your sales and conversions and so much more.


The Accelerator

The Accelerator is a 5-day, one hour a day virtual event course where Kerwin teaches business owners the 5-pillars to online success. The Accelerator is not a casual training, you will work hard and get stuff done!


Nail It & Scale It

This 3-day intensive masterclass delivers the latest innovations in business growth strategies and actionable tactics across the areas of mindset, psychology, leadership, marketing, sales and planning. If you are dissatisfied with your current results and want to skyrocket your business growth & profits – THIS IS FOR YOU!

K2 Elite only seminar


Accelerate your business and personal growth with our 3-day seminar, exclusive for our K2 Elite members.

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