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Kerwin Rae

Kerwin Rae is a businessman, entrepreneur, investor and international speaker. As one of Australia’s leading business strategists for over a decade, he has consulted in 11 countries and over 154 different industries and taught over 100,000 people the world over through his seminars and workshops. To date making his clients in excess of hundreds of millions.


Making Money From Snapchat How I Made $67K In 8 Weeks

In my first 11 days on Snapchat we attributed $11K in sales to the channel. By week 6 it was over $20K. And after 8 weeks we have had over $67K in sales and it is growing steadily.


Surrender to emotional attachment

The best way to deal with attachment is to let go. Breath and let it go. Surrendering for me isn’t about giving up, it’s about letting go – and letting go is about looking at the emotional attachment that you have connected to an outcome.

Anxiety, a journey for self-discovery

It seems like anxiety is something that more and more people are dealing with these days, and I think a lot of it comes from the things we can’t control but want to. The sooner we give up our desire for control, the sooner we give up the trigger for anxiety.

Tough Love with Kerwin: The blame game, rejection and bullying

The truth can hurt, but sometimes it’s what you need to hear in order to get off your butt. In a recent Tough Love with Kerwin, Sarah told us that she protects herself from being blamed, rejected or criticised because she was bullied. I serve it to Sarah straight and tell her exactly what she needs to do to push through her barriers.

Want to 10x Your Business?

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