Enough with the excuses

You know, if there’s one thing that I’m not short on when I speak to people who are telling me why they aren’t where they are, is all the fucking excuses they’ve got. And the reality is, I’ve heard every single excuse under...

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Playing above the line

There’s two ways that you can operate in your business, and by the way these are addictions.  Playing below the line usually means you're addicted to activity. A symptom of activity is someone who is always busy and never...

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Growth equals discomfort

In order for you to hit that next level. In order for you to grow your business, the fact remains that you must be willing to grow. And growth equals discomfort. And when you experience discomfort, your instincts will...

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The power of radical honesty

One of the fastest ways that you can increase your sales and also increase your ability to influence, is engage in what I call ‘radical honesty.’ Radical honesty is your ability to tell the truth in any situation regardless...

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What’s your relationship with failure?

When people don’t succeed I ask them this question, “What is your relationship with failure?” And I often get a very strange and weird look. The truth is, you have a relationship with failure. And the quality of that...

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I was that judgmental introvert

Most entrepreneurs are introvert.  Who would agree that there’s surface level connections which are driven by small talk, and then there are deeper level connections driven by acceptance? What does that mean we have to...

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