Social proof – A highly powerful tool

Social proof is about using other people’s social behaviour to persuade what is it you’re trying to get them to do. There’s two forms of social proof. There’s relative form and there’s authoritative form. Relative social...

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Leadership that creates trust

What is it that kids, dogs and even horses intrinsically don’t trust?  They don’t trust emotionally unstable humans. When a dog is associated with an emotionally unstable human, do you know what it’s default response is?...

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Success is on the other side of fear

Who would agree, business is tough? And who would agree there are many things in business that you know you have to do but you don’t do it because you’re a little bit scared? And who’s found themselves in the past,...

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Make your business a way of life

Anyone who’s known me for long enough would know that I have ballooned up and down in my weight for the last 10 years. I’ve been fat-fit-fat-fit-fat-fit. Honestly, my body doesn’t know if it’s coming or going sometimes. To...

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Choose talent over staff every time

When it comes to growing a business quickly, one of the most important things that every owner needs is leverage. Leverage is the ability to delegate and designate critical items that need to be done by people who are more...

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Bust stress for better business

The biggest pattern that I see is so many people are trying to do things too quickly, and when they don’t see results they experience high levels of stress that prevent them from making better decisions. Because the very key...

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