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Dealing With Rejection

  You know, I’ve said in previous videos that when I was young I used to suffer from severe anxiety. And one of the things that was a really bad trigger for that anxiety was the prospect or the potential, or the reality of being rejected. But then along came me... read more

How to Create a High Performance Team

  A lot of people ask me, how do I get such high levels of performance out of my team? The answer is twofold. Number 1: Planning. We do ridiculous levels of planning and review and the second thing that we use is a little concept called social pressure. Social... read more

Hiring For Scale (How to Grow Fast)

  One of the biggest challenges that many businesses face when it comes to growth is actually hiring for the scale and recruiting the right talent in order to get them the growth that they require. Many people actually recruit based on the capacity issues that... read more

The Key to Endless Cash

  One of the biggest challenges I hear from many businesses of all shapes and sizes is their cash flow. And their ability to make money. And one of the greatest funding strategies of all time is your ability to sell something. And for those of you that are... read more

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